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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Those Expensive Little Things We Liked to Do - Make a List. Check it Twice, at least.

Careful now! You're going to be an cruise control with respect to many things you once took for granted...

  • stopping by the local coffee bar, and dropping some serious change on 16oz of bliss that costs only pennies on the dollar to make, if you DIY'd it.
  • forking over $12.99 for that fabulous new BEYOND MEAT burger & medium sized combo meal at Carl's Jr. 

The list will go on. And on.

So best keep a notepad handy to jot down things as the impulses hit you. This will serve a number of functions: 

Number ONE - it stops you from mindlessly carrying out the impulse, because now you have to think about it and immediately will be doing something else. This will give that free will we all talk about, a chance to have a win, finally.
Number TWO - you get to exercise the fine muscles of your wrist. You need SOME kind of exercise anyway! More about that later.
Number THREE - This will immediately have you use other parts of your brain to help you gain an edge over habit.

Some folks will just want to go automatically to the portable, hand-held digital master in their pocket/bag. Don't YOU do it. You're already slave enough to that thing. And paper and pen/pencil means you're not stumbling around through app clutter and distraction social junk that can literally hijack your brain and intention. Again, give free will a chance!
If you REALLY want to get this into your digital life/ organizing system, do this AFTER you've gone through your day - at the end. That's a perfect time to stop, reflect, and reinforce what you learned by entering your information into the computer machine. Hopefully you have a desktop/laptop. This is preferable because - again - you are already spending way to much time on that handheld, and you need to jolt your brain off of being dependent on and distracted by the way things were.

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